Summerlin Dress

I had loads of fun making this dress! Thanks to Kathryn Ivy for posting this free pattern.

It only took me a few hours to knit up the bodice. Which translates to getting that done in 3 days! Plus another hour to finish the dress. I repurposed an old tshirt I had laying around instead of sewing that part from scratch – that saved a lot of time. I simply cut the bottom of the tshirt off, gathered and sewed the front of the fabric to the front of the knitted bodice. I added elastic to the back of the tshirt, a few  buttons and voila! 5 hour dress.

Here are a few pictures of my DS enjoying her new dress.


It’s a bit of a mix between the summerlin pattern and this one – which I am going to make next! I am digging through my drawers for a suitable shirt –  and voila presto chango, it will turn into a cute skirt.

This project is suitable for beginners, I learned how to sew about 15 minutes before making this dress…so you can do it too!


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